Palmyra Atoll Data Library (PADL)

PADL aims to publish as much previous data from Palmyra as possible in one data library. For this, we are currently gathering datasets from the wide range of Palmyra’s researchers and making each dataset compliant with FAIR data practices (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable). We are working with the Environmental Data Initiative (EDI), an NSF-supported initiative that provides a reliable, registered and certified trustworthy data repository with an open-access API. EDI follows a high metadata standard that ensures that your future self and others can utilize data for scientific and other forms of inquiry.

We believe that facilitating access to research and its associated data will amplify academic discussions, help other researchers, and further inform management and policy decisions being made in Palmyra and other tropical ecosystems.

PADL is an effort between The Nature Conservancy and the Marine Science Institute, University of California Santa Barbara.


How to Access Data

All available data can be found on the Environmental Data Initiative Portal, searching for the keyword Palmyra. Each data package is a bundle of data sets and their corresponding metadata. You can download each package and cite it accordingly. Each package has its own DOI.

Publish your data to EDI

We encourage all researchers that have data from Palmyra Atoll to publish it to EDI. PADL’s data manager can assist you throughout the process offering as much help as needed. Contact Dr. Jenn Caselle ( to participate.

Other Data Resources

Find ongoing initiatives that collect data at Palmyra Atoll in the links below.

Tide Data

Tide data from Sea Level Center, University of Hawai'i

Sea Temperature Data

In situ Sea Temperature Data from Aqualink